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Gender Identity has washed ashore

Clean beaches are beautiful
Gender identity isn't real.
I don't believe this is a bold statement. It's only perceived that way because the current tide of personalized identities is in, washing to shore all kinds of garbage. Maybe humans shouldn't have polluted the ocean so much that garbage washes ashore.

Humans are sexed individuals, mammals, primates, biological entities that house complex brains. Our complex brains create all kinds of things. It is what sets us apart from all the other mammals and primates. This is objectively true, no matter how you analyze it or try to make sense of it.

In our human collective experience, sexed bodies are defined by the roles they have, one of producing offspring and the other of helping to keep that offspring alive. All the other stuff surrounding how this happens, is culturally defined. The basics of it haven't ever really changed. How those basics happen and why, changes. It changes because of environment and belief systems…

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