Quietly subversive

In my devious plot to change the world, I've decided to create what I want to see. Happy families and peaceful kids can seem like the mundane world of the Leave it to Beaver era of sitcom TV. Totally unrealistic and inaccurate and idealistic of some other worldly idea that maybe never existed. If you look in a different direction, happy and peaceful family life can and does exist. Hint, it's not a commodity to be bought and sold. It's created and nurtured and carefully cared for.

Helping teenagers become adults is a lot of work. I've already done it once and I'm in the middle of doing it a second time. When I say "work", I don't mean drudgery, it's rewarding and fun work. Part of my devious plot to change the world required that I shift my thinking about raising kids, from something difficult, to something enjoyable.

Nothing tested this more than having a teen claim to be transgender. I totally get why parents of transgender teens jump into the all embracing world of the rainbow. There, they will find love, and hugs and support and validation of that very difficult path of having a transgender child. Outside of that world, it's like going solo on a dangerous path where the path itself isn't even marked. You have to actually pave it yourself. It's not that I dislike the rainbow family, it's just that their answers to having a transgender child fell flat to me.

There's nothing devious and world changing about turning one's appearances into a commodity. The world of Leave it to Beaver did that already. Every teen magazine has done that. Guess what? It's all marketed to women and girls, as if it's our job to buy the images being sold to us. In my devious plot to change the world, I've decided not to buy what is being sold to me.

It isn't progressive or world changing to create a world in which girls can buy their images and maintain them.  That's true, even if the girl is claiming to not be one. You know what I care about? Character of individuals.

In my devious plot to change the world I've chosen to focus on the character of my children as they become adults. If it's not in the direction of peaceful, positive, mind expanding, then it's probably not worth exploring. It's pretty insidious, this social contagion of girls literally buying into becoming a boy. How is that peaceful, positive, or mind expanding? It's not, it hijacks all of those things. You cannot be at peace if you are struggling internally to match your mind and body. Altering one's body to attempt to match the mind and body isn't positive. It works to subvert what exists, the body whole and healthy. Fitting a body into what the mind perceives it to be, really narrows everything into a hyper focus on that one singular aspect of self.

Give me something bigger and better. I want bigger and better options for kids than that. Am I asking too much? In my devious plot to change the world, I will seek to the ends of the earth better options for kids than what's on offer, a commodity of self, sold as authenticity of the soul. Transgenderism is that, buying a new body to match the authentic soul.

In my devious plot to change the world, I will pave a new path, one that's whole and kinder and peaceful, one that doesn't fixate on the body as a commodity. My teen is worth more than that. Her mind and body are intact and no matter what she struggles with, the focus will remain on how to make life better, more peaceful, positive, and mind expanding. The lie of transgenderism has been revealed, like the curtain of the great Wizard of Oz.

To every parent reading, be quietly subversive, make your own devious plot to change the world. One family at a time, one child at a time. Your child deserves better than what's being sold to them.


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