Girl Power

What every little girl dreams of is having her very own penis. A little girl wanting to be a boy is validated and empowered by getting their very own penis. That's right, you can buy your little girl, their very own penis. It's to help them feel more comfortable because everyone knows a penis makes the world more comfortable.

With such empowering messages, little girls can now pretend to be boys with the all important penis part. It's not that girls want to be treated the same as boys. They just need to have their own penis and equality is granted and they will feel all the power and treatment that comes with a penis. 

Is it okay for girls to play with trucks and have play stick fights? Sure, but make sure they have a penis first. It's crucial for little girls who like rough and tumble play to have a penis. Since it's detachable, little girls can still play with dolls and wear dresses. Don't lose it though, because she may need it back sooner than you think. It can get in the way of things, but it's designed to be easy to handle and install. Don't worry, you'll get used to putting penises in your child's underwear once you get past the awkwardness of handling a tiny penis. You are doing this for a greater good. Don't forget, this is empowering and important for girls.

There is no more important message that a girl should have. Don't even wait until next Christmas to stuff it into a stocking. Every little girl deserves her very own penis. She may even one day believe she is an actual boy. I personally believe the earlier a child experiences the power of the penis, the better her life will be.


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