Gender Identity has washed ashore

Clean beaches are beautiful

Gender identity isn't real.

I don't believe this is a bold statement. It's only perceived that way because the current tide of personalized identities is in, washing to shore all kinds of garbage. Maybe humans shouldn't have polluted the ocean so much that garbage washes ashore.

Humans are sexed individuals, mammals, primates, biological entities that house complex brains. Our complex brains create all kinds of things. It is what sets us apart from all the other mammals and primates. This is objectively true, no matter how you analyze it or try to make sense of it.

In our human collective experience, sexed bodies are defined by the roles they have, one of producing offspring and the other of helping to keep that offspring alive. All the other stuff surrounding how this happens, is culturally defined. The basics of it haven't ever really changed. How those basics happen and why, changes. It changes because of environment and belief systems.

In the world of today a vast amount of humans have adopted the notion that our sexed bodies are not inherently true or objectively true, but what is inherently true and objectively true is that our sexed roles that change because of environment and belief systems, are what is inherently true and objectively true. In other words, biological sex isn't an innate part of our system as mammals and primates, but our roles as individuals, attached to our sexed bodies, is what is innate.

The twisted logic goes like this; Sex has no bearing on our roles as humans. We can identify out of those roles because sex isn't binary or dymorphic because there are a very tiny portion of the human population born with chromosomal anomalies that are not neatly categorized into a sex role. Chromosomal anomalies, or intersex conditions are binary, male or female, but because of the nature of how those conditions play out in the human body, it is harder for that individual to be seen by others as strictly male or female, so their sex role is not so neatly defined. That's especially true given that many intersex conditions render the individual infertile, so they really do not have a sex role in the grand scheme of life. I'm not an expert on intersex conditions, so my disclaimer is that I'm making a general statement. If you want to know more, read here....

The existence of chromosomal anomalies shouldn't have any bearing on the vast majority of the population. The exception doesn't prove a rule, and yet, that's what's being presented as reasoning behind the idea that sexed bodies are not innate to the human condition. What's being presented is the idea that how we feel about our sexed bodies and the roles they play, is what is innate to the human condition. It's an interesting idea to play with. I don't entirely discount it, but it isn't objectively true. My role as a biological female that has gestated offspring and given birth, is objectively true. How that played out in my life is my own lived experience that cannot be transferred to other people's experiences, even if many other female people have had similar experiences to mine. Our roles as mothers were very much shaped by the culture we live in, what was expected and how we experienced motherhood.

My experience of being female, of being a girl, a teen, a mother, have all been shaped by the culture I was born into. My existence as female is a truth that I cannot opt into or out of. My role, shaped by culture isn't innate to all female bodied people. If it was innate, female bodied people would all share similar experiences and they do not. What they share is their biological reality and how their own culture behaves toward that biological reality.

Gender is not innate.

Gender identity makes light of the human condition that often is unsafe for female people world wide. It places an individual's personal feelings of their own experience of their own sexed body, as the primary way to define it for everyone. It takes a subjective experience and attempts to make it objective. It does so by attempting to make the exception to the rule of sexed bodies, as the rule for all humans and attempts to then explain the condition of sex roles as a thing that can be chosen based upon ambiguity that simply doesn't exist for 99% of the human population.

Biology is strong. No amount of injecting yourself with testosterone can ensure that you will not become pregnant when you are a person with large gametes, having sex with a person with small gametes. Biology doesn't give a shit about your identity. Life can still be created. That's objectively true if you haven't completely destroyed your sexual organs.

This is what gender identity does to people. It creates a belief system around our sexed bodies that is subjective to the individual's lived reality.

You don't like how women are treated? Yeah, I hear you. Me either.

You don't like how men are treated? Yeah, I hear you. Me either.

Changing your identity will not change that. Only changing our world will do that. Let's take gender identity, that has washed upon the shore and pick it up and throw it in the trash like the garbage it is.

I'll leave you with the wisdom of Bob Marley. The lyrics are simple and profound.


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