To speak or not to speak

This always gets me in trouble. I have opinions and instead of keeping them all inside, I share them. I'm pretty good at staying silent when my opinion adds nothing positive to the issue at hand, whatever that issue may be. What I can't hush about is gender identity, especially that related to transgenderism and young people.

It touched our family in a big way and because of my exploration of the topic, I've learned some things I'd like to share with others. What I'm best at is finding positive solutions to big problems with parent and child dynamics. Having a child identify as trans needed that. Lots of parents with trans identifying children need that.

I have more questions than answers. I have some answers but I'm unsure if they are unique to our family, or if others can take from what I know and use it for their family. It's a big giant unknown. There are some gender critical support for parent groups around. I'll share them as I find them. The more the merrier and as I've found, some voices will resonate with some and not others.

I'll link my favorite gender critical site, with an article I wrote so it can be a jumping off place to know more about me.


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