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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Math is art is science is life

For anyone who has ever hated math class or anyone who thinks they are bad at math, you should watch this film. THIS is why math, the way that it is taught in school, should be criminal! THIS is why schools fail at helping kids discover the beauty within the world. THIS is why the way we divide the world into "subjects" stifles creativity and the possibility of greatness. People used to believe in the interconnectedness of math and art and science and everything else in the whole wide world. How and why that ever changed, I don't know.

There is greatness that can happen by exploring the world through your passions. One idea can lead to millions of others IF you let it happen, IF that love of learning isn't crushed by boredom and tedium and dullness. The world is exciting and beautiful!

Between The Folds

At PBS, there is a whole bunch of cool stuff to explore on this!

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