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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fright Town season is IN!

Yay! We just started in with Fright Town this year. It's fun to see all the same faces and know the same people from last year. Chamille and I have been tasked with several cool projects already. We are helping with some costumes and props this year as well as doing make-up and scaring people.

AND, the really best news... Chamille gets to do a mentoring thing. The woman who ran all the make-up stuff last year is a truly amazing and talented woman. She also happens to have her own studio and works on a lot of make-up projects for local films and such.

She is one of my favorite people at Fright Town, so when I saw her I ran over to chit chat. I had been wanting to ask her, and it had been in the back of my mind, about her being able to train Chamille in exchange for free help and such. So as we were chit chatting, she actually brought it up and offered. She does official internships as well, and thinks Chamille would be a great candidate for training since she's already showed some talent!

I'm super excited for Chamille, this is such a wonderful opportunity for her! What's more, is that her studio is on the max line, so Chamille can get herself there, all independent style!

What a great start to September, the same week that school starts here. Chamille will miss her friends, but she will get to do some fun stuff to ease her loneliness!