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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I always appreciate...

...good dance music videos! It's the same song twice, but both are equally engaging for their dance qualities!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Margaux loves numbers!

Wait! I think I've told you this before!

But, yes, she does really love numbers...

Here's what she did yesterday:

She had a pile of pennies and was counting them. She brought them over to my desk and I assumed that she'd want me to count them for her since that is what she's always wanted when plopping down a pile of change. I start counting and she says loudly and firmly "NO! STOP! That's not how I'm counting them."

She takes all the pennies and puts them back into their little pile and starts pulling them out 2 by 2, counting in 2's as she goes. That's super cool! I told her how cool that was that she figured out this new way of counting and told her that some people call it counting by 2's.

Chamille never did that. I'm not even sure that she can count by 2's, not that it really matters much because she can count change really fast in her own way. She did that yesterday too. She had a pile of change. Okay, here I go again trying to count my children's change... and she says "NO! You are going to mess me up in my counting. I have my own way of counting." So, she quickly divides up the coins in neat little piles of $.25 and counts them really fast and is done before I even begin to count and add each coin individually!

Just in case anyone is wondering how many pennies can fit into a quart sized mason jar, I'll tell you... It's about $10, unless of course you sneak in a few silver colored ones or you overflow it a little. Last time we cashed in our penny jar, we got almost exactly $15 and we divided it 3 ways and played downtown.

Gotta love pocket change!