Welcome to my life. It's a whirlwind of kids, chaos, pets, people, family, art, and being home (most of the time; I like to get out here and there). We unschool, so the unexpected is, well, expected...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Public transit

This is such a cool bridge, the Steel Bridge, that crosses the Willamette River! The MAX train, that the kids will be riding, is on the upper level, the regular train runs on the bottom. Both levels will lift when a large ship goes through. There is also a walk and bike path on it that connects the waterfront on the downtown westside the the waterfront on the eastside. We've done that loop together walking and exploring the piers.

Chamille is off today learning the public transit system around here. She gets to do it with friends which is totally ideal, because when I ride, I cost a heck of a lot more than they do, and I'd need to take Margaux.

She has a couple of friends that ride public transit a lot, but since we live in the suburbs, less people do around here and the busses and such run less frequently than in the city. It's ok though, there is a transit center pretty close by and I don't mind dropping her off there. It's a lot closer than most of the places I drive her to, and I can combine it with grocery shopping, which is what I did today.

Whatever happens today, it will be an adventure. Hopefully they find the right stops and such. They even get to be downtown for a bit when they go home. That should be fun for them. I just hope they don't get themselves into trouble!

Friday, April 24, 2009

morning thoughts


I woke up this morning thinking about the interconnectedness of everything! I love how everything we love and know and do is all connected and at the very core is who we truly are as a person.

What got me thinking about it this time was the way the love of Pokemon inspired so many things for Chamille. I was reading about someone else, who's children's love of Pokemon inspired so many things too, yet totally different than where Chamille took it.

I absolutely love that natural learning leads to anything and everything! It's a sweet journey of surprises and excitement!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aww Teens ditching school

I was just sitting here doing a wee bit of research on teens ditching school. It's amazing to me how much information is out there about how to get kids to do what the parents want without any regard for the kid.

I don't know why it still amazes me, but it does!

The main points are always to get a teen to comply. I did a google search on "ditching school" and came up with this outrageous article.

It seems though, as I was looking through all those google sites that came up, that this is standard fare. No wonder teens hate adults. I'm so glad that my life isn't like this!

What really struck me about this particular site was the irony about playing games. The author states that button pushing is game play and to recognize it as such, but then goes on to actually encourage parents to use "Aces" up ones sleeve for getting the upper hand of teen misbehavior. As if the basis of relationships are all game play, oh but wait, teens are clearly not people that one must build relationships with, neither are kids, for that matter. They are just subversive beings that must be controlled and must comply with all that we throw at them.

I see it so clearly that control and punishment and manipulation, shame and humiliation are what parents use to get their teens to do what they want them to do. Some parents are more subtle, some are nicer than others, and some teens are less likely to step out of line. Lurking behind all of it is disrespect for one another.

Isn't ditching school a rite of passage? The movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" shows just how important living life outside of school and rules is. Ok, well, maybe it's not a rite of passage, but still, is it really so bad to skip school here and there? Is it really a cry for attention, or is it a kid trying with all their might to escape even for just a day, the tedious boredom that school presents them?

Middle school and high school felt like a complete waste of time to me, back then, and even now. I can't seem to get past the fact that our culture is doing such a huge disservice to our teens, with all their amazing insight and energy to share and behold! Why oh why do we stuff them inside boring buildings, listening to boring teachers, doing boring tasks and busy work? The only way to keep them there is to make it mandatory and dangle an end, a degree, good grades, and severe repricussions if they don't comply.

Meanwhile kids die inside everyday from all that pressure! I'm so glad that my children are free, they are living and whole and never ever have to ditch school to feel free!

Friday, April 17, 2009

HaHaHaHaHa! I'm laughing so hard!

The last 2 days have been spent with Margaux on my lap looking at this site, all about illusions. It was sent innocently to me in a chat with Mary Lewis. Little did she know how hugely Margaux is into optical illusions! There's some great stuff there. I love my unschooling friends!

And the reason I'm laughing so hard, is because some things you can either laugh about or cry about, and well, laughing is so much better than crying and getting upset! I now have a ghetto car...

You know, I was trying sooo hard to have the soccer mom look with my minivan livin in the suburbs, then I hit a pole, yes that really nice dent was me. I can live with that, it was really dumb and it looks bad, but hey, who cares right? Half my hub caps have gone missing, so the other ones were taken off, and NOW... Cyle happened...

He closed my door just a little too hard while parked on a down hill slope, and the whole window popped out and smashed into a million pieces on the ground. He's just too darn sweet and cute to get mad at, but gosh darn it, I don't want a ghetto car with a missing window and I can't afford to replace it!

He felt really really bad about the whole thing and I had to assure him over and over that I really wasn't mad at him and that life happens. I mean really, would it do any good to be upset and mad about it? It wouldn't change the fact that I still no longer have a window! And honestly it could've happened to anyone, and I'm glad it didn't happen to Margaux because it would've hit her on the head.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

what Margaux just said...

Crazy I know, 2 posts in one day!

She said to me; 7 + 7 is 14 and I know that because 8 + 8 is 16, so 2 down is 14, which is also 7 + 7 because you take away a number from each 8.

She's playing Bratz rock angelz PS2 game right now. She's been playing it for the last 3 hrs. She's reading most of it on her own. Who would've thought she'd be doing calculations in her head at the same time?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keeping life interesting

Sometimes it's really the small things that keep life going! I went to the craft store yesterday to buy hair clips and safety pins. Chamille really needed something to occupy herself with. She's been making the coolest hair things lately! She uses scraps of fabric and puts bows together and sews them onto hair clips. Here's a picture of one...

It's the same bow that Hello Kitty wears...

and another one, with a store bought addition to it...

Safety pins, of course, can be used in so many ways! Here's a picture of one thing she's made with pins...

She's redoing clothing with pins too, but I don't have any pictures. I bought the pins at the fabric store, they are the heavy duty kind, so I can put them through the wash!

We buy so many safety pins, it's not even funny! They get eaten by our pin monster that lives in our house, I swear it's true!

And of course, there is always beading to be done...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The boyfriend

I had to be quick to catch this shot before they (meaning Chamille) wouldn't cooperate with the picture taking...

This is Chamille's pink haired boyfriend. Aren't they sweet?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New friends for Chamille

It's very exciting around here lately! Chamille has finally found friends! It's been a while, looking and hoping and wishing for some like-minded others.

We've had our house infiltrated by teenagers and it's been loads of fun, even if they eat all our food! I love my kiddos so much, and it makes me happy when they are happy. Chamille is definitely happy!

Margaux has even found friends as well, and hers are unschoolers too.

I can't even stress enough how wonderful it is to support my kids and help create a happy existence for them, so that, even when they are down, they never get too far down and can pick themselves up because they know that soon life will bring happy things their way. When those happy things come along, they get to be doubly happy and it's sooo awesome to behold!