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Monday, March 30, 2009

The many faces of my kids

I have awesome kids! Chamille does some cool things with make-up, hair, which she cuts and colors and creates herself, and clothing, which she often makes, like the shirt in the picture with pink hair.

Margaux got an American Girl doll for Christmas this year and it has almost exactly the same color of hair, which is cool, since Margaux's hair color is very unique.

Chamille's a good photographer, she took the picture of Margaux in a little photo shoot she set up. Margaux wasn't being a very cooperative client, but Chamille did manage to get a few nice shots and this is one of them.

Lately, life has been all about social opportunities. It seems to take up all of our time. It's nice to have friends! Chamille was without a group of friends for so long, and only a handful of nice friends that she was rarely able to see for various reasons on their end. I don't know how long these friendships will last, but for now, she's got some nice friends, not many, but enough to keep her content.

She's about to turn 15, exactly one week from today and she has yet to study her driver's manual, but she's still planning on taking the test next week. We shall see, there's no rush!

Margaux has been spending a lot of time with one of the neighbor kids. I agreed to watch this girl until the end of the school year. I have mixed feeling about it, mostly with the way it will dominate our scheduling, but Margaux seems happy to have her here. Getting up early in the morning is fine, it's the being here at 3 o'clock every day to pick her up from school that will be the hard part. Her regular sitter moved somewhat suddenly and her mom wasn't able to find another sitter. I watched her during spring break, and it was enough for me to decide that I'm not going to do this during the summer. It wasn't bad, just too much for Margaux to have the same kid here everyday all day long. So, just a few months of before and after school care. Both of Chamille and Margaux told me that it was okay to do this for the neighbor's family (I wouldn't have agreed to it otherwise!).

Margaux and I have been playing Nancy Drew pc games a lot lately, we are quite into them and sometimes we play all day long. That is the extent of newness right now, for Margaux. She's also starting to read, for real reading, which is really fun to see.

In other news, a boy likes Chamille, and Chamille may like him too, it's too early to tell. I had an interesting conversation with him, in which he said that Chamille was waaay smarter than he initially gave her credit for, and that it shows if you talk to her for a while, in part because she uses a higher level of vocabulary than most kids their age, and the things that she talks about are interesting and thoughful (I'm paraphrasing a little because I'm not remembering the exact words). He thinks VERY highly of her and said so. I don't know him very well yet, we shall see...