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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The beauty of Irony...

Yesterday, we took Margaux to ice skating lessons. Usually we all spend the evening skating together, it's sort of a family night out sort of thing. However last night, Chamille really didn't want to go ice skating. She had tried unsuccessfully to invite a friend to come with her, but since that didn't pan out, she really didn't want to be there at the mall or ice skating.

So, we decided that instead we'd go see a movie. It was the only thing we could all agree on to do and the cost was about the same as ice skating since we had a few passes. We had to go home first to get the tickets and see what was playing.

While we were home, Chamille and I decided to take our dog on a walk around the block, since we were ditching her again and she was kind of sad about it. Chamille decided that we should walk over to the mini mart instead to buy some candy for Margaux since the theater is really expensive and Margaux always wants candy when we go see a movie. On her own accord she went and got her own money and we headed out the door. When I realized that she intended to pay for it with all her own money, I pitched in several more dollars to buy a couple of things so that she could have something too.

We arrived at the store and it was extremely busy. I stayed outside with the dog and Chamille went in. She asked me what to get, and I told her that she should get whatever she thought was best that she and her sister would enjoy. As she was walking into the store a woman standing outside with her four children said loudly in regards to Chamille's appearance "Wow, she's really misguided!". She was saying this to her kids as some sort of judgement call of how horrible she thought Chamille was based on her appearance. I was about to say something to her, when she saw me looking straight at her and then she said, "people can be individuals I guess and dress however they want to.", again said to her kids without looking at me.

This woman had clearly gone to the mini mart to buy a carton of cigarettes and a huge case of beer, with her four kids in tow. I was thinking about the irony of that, and how our trip to the mini mart was all about my teenage daughter wanting to buy her sister something, generously with her own money, and then spend the evening out to a movie with her family.

When she got out, the woman was gone and I told Chamille the story on our way back home. I was telling her how great I thought she was and that woman hadn't a clue about the reality of our life. We continued talking about stuff and I said something about how a lot of teens wouldn't even consider going out to the movies with their parents and little sister. Her response? "I like my family, why wouldn't I want to go see a movie with them!"

Chamille came out with several candy items, all things that she thought her sister would like best, one item specifically for Margaux, and the rest stuff she thought everyone would like. She even came out with change, which she kept because I didn't ask for any back, if I had, she would've gladly given it to me.

We had an awesome evening, went and saw Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D, and came home shared a few music videos together and Margaux and I went to bed and Chamille stayed up to watch a scary movie while her dad was still up to be another body in the room.

I think both my kids are not even remotely "misguided". They are both wonderful kids who try their best to do the right thing in each and every moment.