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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Art stuff

I decided to start an Etsy shop. Nothing is on it yet. My dad has all my art work on his computer. I'm waiting for him to send me the stuff digitally. I could do it myself, but my scanner is a lot smaller than his, so it would be a lot of work putting together each picture with lame art software. So, I will just wait for the ones that are already done with a really nice scanner and a really good art editing software program.

I will probably even have him do the printing and stuff, since he has a really good printer with archival ink and all. I know, you really aren't supposed to do a middle man sort of thing, but hey, I don't care. I don't even know if prints are technically legal to do anyway, I never found anything definitive on the etsy rules about art prints. People sell them, though, I've seen them and lots of them.

Maybe I won't sell anything at all, maybe I'll sell lots. The one and only thing I have going for me, is that there isn't a single other artist that does anything close to what I do. I have a style. I didn't really realize that until I perused hours and hours at etsy and other online art communities. Technically, my dad is far superior to me. He is really really good, like the kind of good that needs to be in museums and art galleries. He has his own style too, but he can sell his stuff for hundreds and thousands. My stuff is graphically good, so art prints and cards is where its at.

I've decided that I should be using my talents. Why not? Maybe I'll do well enough to live off of my art. Isn't that any artist's dream? There is no way to do that unless you actually DO that. So, etsy is a start to DO that.

Colored pencil art is painstakingly slow work, it takes a long time to finish a 9x12 piece of art. I like detail and sharp lines and lots of shading. I sharpen my pencils a lot and go back and add layer after layer after layer. I've decided to try my hand at people. I used to do people, but at some point stopped. It is really challenging me, but it's fun too.

So, after years of denying that I am an artist, I've come back to what I've always done. My entire childhood was spent doing art and art related activities, until college, which turned me off completely. I didn't like what professors were teaching in regards to technique and theory. I didn't like classroom critiques and deadlines, I'm slow. How could I take any critiques seriously if I didn't know or respect any of the people critiquing my work? I always took my stuff back to my dad for a real critique.

When I have my stuff up in my shop, I will post here to let people know. In the meantime, there are samples of some of my stuff at the bottom right of my blog page. Some of that stuff is old, I have so much other better stuff now....

I want to inspire my kids to follow their passions. How can I do that if I don't?