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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moving and other thoughts

These are pictures of Portland, Oregon. It's a nice city actually. I like the trees and the huge river that runs through it. I've just come back here after being in New Mexico for almost 4 mos. What a difference there is. Large water, big trees, clouds, rain rain rain, lots of green and brown.

I love New Mexico though. It is really the colors that I love. In Portland it is very monochromatic, greens, greys, browns. In New Mexico it has the full color spectrum. I had heard from people visiting the NW from places like New Mexico that the NW feels claustrophobic and I think I finally understand. It's not the trees though, like I always thought, it's the sky. The sky hovers low overhead here in the NW and it's huge and expansive in New Mexico.

We are considering a move to New Mexico. I'm in the process of going through all my stuff and revisiting the pros and cons of living here in the NW as opposed to the SW. I think about it daily.

We need employment to move. I don't want to be in financial upheavel. The thought of moving seems huge, but exciting. We don't have a time frame, but we do have a lease that is up in May. I grew up here in the NW, I know the forests, the beaches, the rivers, the desert, the mountains. It's really a beautiful place to live. It is increasingly becoming very unaffordable. I can't even begin to touch a house to own on our income. It is in the realm of possibility in New Mexico though. It seems full of possibilities there, while it seems like dead ends here.

Chamille, like me goes back and forth, Margaux wants to move and my husband is excited about the idea of a new job, but apprehensive about such a huge change. I like change, it can be good. Nothing is forever.

The homeschool laws are easier in NM than in OR. That's something. I'm still thinking and considering all our options, meanwhile, if I stay here, I will at least be able to move around in our tiny house after I get rid of things with the idea that you can't move loads of stuff cheaply to another state.