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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

pictures of fright town, yet again

I'm puting a link instead of going through them all again... fright town pics

We just had the cast party and a very nice person took about a million photos and made cd's for all of us there, so I actually have some really great photos now!

We were so glad to be done with it, by the end, and now we kind of miss it, so it was great to see the fright town folks again and get some cool pictures.

And on another note... it snowed and it's really cold. It's supposed to snow again today but it hasn't yet and is actually rather sunny. I will post some nice photos of all that stuff soon. I've got some nice ones...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More on Halloween stuff

Just thought I'd share this because I got an email from the folks at Frighttown with a link to the Willamette Week Online edition. I clicked and was pleasantly surprised to see Chamille's face, the very first picture!


It's a proud mom moment!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ok here's one

To me, this picture doesn't even look like me, so COOL! I look absolutely nasty! I was a generic monster person, so that I could go through and relieve actors long enough for them to use the bathroom and stuff.

We have 2 more nights, so I will try to get some more pictures that are a little better than all these kind of fuzzy ones. I wish I would've gotten a pic of Chamille last night, because she was really gross. When she was done, she took off her mask almost immediately because it was uncomfortable and smelled bad, that's what she said when she took it off anyway.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A quick update!

Well, yes my excuse is that we've been busy... yeah I'm sure no one's heard that one before!

I'm just doing a quick up date...

Chamille and I have been busy with http://www.frighttown.com/

It's been exhausting and we only go twice a week. There are a few people that actually go every night it's open! Chamille would probably go more often if our family could swing it, but alas, I must go with as per our special arrangement because Chamille is so young. So that means John must rearrage his work schedule to accommodate us and hang out with Margaux, who wants NOTHING to do with all that scary stuff.

It's been amazingly fun to scare people. I didn't think I would enjoy as much as I have been! Chamille and I have been learning a LOT about makeup and latex and all that good stuff. We are part of the make-up team, so we get there really early on the nights we go.

Here's a couple of pictures of Chamille. Sorry, I don't have any of me...
the first two are from the Chop Shop, she's a zombie mutant monster and the second two are from Elshoff Manor the Asylum as a shock therapy patient.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Based on your drawing and the 10 answers you gave this is a summary of your personality:
You are sensitive and indecisive at times. You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You are shy and reserved. If you've drawn a cross on each of windows, you always want to live alone. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always full of changes.

You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. You have a strong personality and you like to command, influence and control people.

You added a flower into your drawing. The flower signifies that you long for love. It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt. You don't think much about yourself.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

The beauty of Irony...

Yesterday, we took Margaux to ice skating lessons. Usually we all spend the evening skating together, it's sort of a family night out sort of thing. However last night, Chamille really didn't want to go ice skating. She had tried unsuccessfully to invite a friend to come with her, but since that didn't pan out, she really didn't want to be there at the mall or ice skating.

So, we decided that instead we'd go see a movie. It was the only thing we could all agree on to do and the cost was about the same as ice skating since we had a few passes. We had to go home first to get the tickets and see what was playing.

While we were home, Chamille and I decided to take our dog on a walk around the block, since we were ditching her again and she was kind of sad about it. Chamille decided that we should walk over to the mini mart instead to buy some candy for Margaux since the theater is really expensive and Margaux always wants candy when we go see a movie. On her own accord she went and got her own money and we headed out the door. When I realized that she intended to pay for it with all her own money, I pitched in several more dollars to buy a couple of things so that she could have something too.

We arrived at the store and it was extremely busy. I stayed outside with the dog and Chamille went in. She asked me what to get, and I told her that she should get whatever she thought was best that she and her sister would enjoy. As she was walking into the store a woman standing outside with her four children said loudly in regards to Chamille's appearance "Wow, she's really misguided!". She was saying this to her kids as some sort of judgement call of how horrible she thought Chamille was based on her appearance. I was about to say something to her, when she saw me looking straight at her and then she said, "people can be individuals I guess and dress however they want to.", again said to her kids without looking at me.

This woman had clearly gone to the mini mart to buy a carton of cigarettes and a huge case of beer, with her four kids in tow. I was thinking about the irony of that, and how our trip to the mini mart was all about my teenage daughter wanting to buy her sister something, generously with her own money, and then spend the evening out to a movie with her family.

When she got out, the woman was gone and I told Chamille the story on our way back home. I was telling her how great I thought she was and that woman hadn't a clue about the reality of our life. We continued talking about stuff and I said something about how a lot of teens wouldn't even consider going out to the movies with their parents and little sister. Her response? "I like my family, why wouldn't I want to go see a movie with them!"

Chamille came out with several candy items, all things that she thought her sister would like best, one item specifically for Margaux, and the rest stuff she thought everyone would like. She even came out with change, which she kept because I didn't ask for any back, if I had, she would've gladly given it to me.

We had an awesome evening, went and saw Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D, and came home shared a few music videos together and Margaux and I went to bed and Chamille stayed up to watch a scary movie while her dad was still up to be another body in the room.

I think both my kids are not even remotely "misguided". They are both wonderful kids who try their best to do the right thing in each and every moment.

Monday, June 30, 2008

What my kids are into right now

Margaux has been taking ice skating lessons. She really likes going ice skating. We all like it. We go every friday night when they play music during the public skate session, they call it rock and skate, but it's not really rock music it's more pop/country and pop/wanna be hiphop. Chamille takes her mp3 player because the music isn't so hot. Still it's loads of fun. Marguax made a friend named Qyian, which is pronounced like queen. That is fun in and of itself, that Margaux made friends with a kid of that name!

Here's a cute picture of Margaux. I was going to put a picture of her ice skating, but Chamille has yet again dumped the pictures off the camera onto her computer before I could get them onto mine... darn it Chamille! She's too quick for me, and sort of a camera hog to boot!


Chamille is very into makeup. We are looking to make a makeup table with the works. I need to source out theatrical makeup supplies. She really likes the dramatic effects that she can get with makeup. Fortunately she takes really awesome pictures of it and puts it on photobucket and her myspace where I can retrieve them. When we go ice skating, she does her makeup, and we've noticed that people either love it or hate it, there is no inbetween.

There are two little girls that go ice skating every friday night, one is in Margaux's class. They absolutely adore Chamille. Whenever Chamille gets off the ice to sit out for a minute, they show up to sit next to her. I'm sure those girls must have an awesome sense of reality, because a lot of kids are terrified of Chamille's makeup, where these girls love it and her.

This is the idea of what she wants for her makeup table...


The other day Chamille was kicked out of the mall because of her makeup. It's enough to make a mother proud ;)

This is sort of how she had her makeup that day. I guess they didn't like the fake blood. They called it a mask and said that masks weren't allowed because they could cause a disturbance! Oh well, so much for making sense of the world... Frankly I find the Victoria's Secret large scale window displays more disturbing than fake blood. We didn't really like that mall anyway, it's become a bit too hoity toity for our tastes, the mall we go skating at is far superior in many many ways, so we shall go there instead!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Normal people

What makes some people normal and not others? Watching Chamille I've been struck with the idea that some folks really strive for normalcy, which Chamille does not. I'm not even sure what normal is, but it sure sounds boring!

I guess I've accepted normal to an extent in my own life. I wonder when that happened? Then I got to thinking that an artist can never ever be truly normal, they can only ever hope to appear normal to the "normals" in life.

The definition of normal seems to be one following the average or what the majority deems acceptable. Deviating from normal generally gets a reaction from those that are trying to be and/or accepting normal.

Chamille isn't a normal teen in many ways. She's never been to school or had a curriculum, she's kind and considerate, she dresses "different", and she's an artist. I love that she feels totally free to be who she is without having to change that to conform.

I love all those non conforming teens that I got to meet at the Life Is Good Conference. Something that really struck Chamille was that, while she still has that shock value to her look, people still talked to her like she was a real person. It was very life affirming for her.

So, for all those that live in their own reality, I won't judge you! I think all those cool unschooled folks won't either. And like this teen says, Normal Is So Last Week.

Friday, May 30, 2008

how DANCE is educational

This is for Denise... or for anyone else who finds it remotely interesting.

A new friend wanted to know how dance was educational. My first response is that everything is educational. An interest is an interest, a passion is a passion, and that is awesome in it's own right. In light of unschooling and the connectedness of being alive and interested and engaged, a passion leads to everything else in the whole wide world.

In college I wrote papers on dance as a means of educating, but it was kind of like educational video games disquising themselves as fun, but when you take away the graphics and game play, it's just another boring workbook.

I wondered this back then, and it still plagues me today, why can't dance be dance and acceptable on its own terms, why must it be viewed as somehow less than dare I say "math"? The arts in general have this stigma as being peripheral, somehow less than other things in life, like, "That's nice dear, your drawings are nice, but now you need to go out and get a real job.", or "How can you use that skill to get a job later?". As if art can't be your life, as if it is just something you do in your spare time, like a hobby.

To make it more personal, I will share what I learned through dance. For as long as I can remember I've loved dance. I didn't get much opportunity to study dance as a child, but it didn't keep me from dancing at home on my own. By the time I was in high school, I was taking dance classes. I continued on taking classes in college while earning a BA in fine arts. After a couple of years, I changed my major to dance which coincided with a change in universities.

I completely immersed myself in dance. I even got a job in the campus theater as a tech, to support myself. It had the added bonus of being able to see dance performances for free, as well as being able to meet the performers, and learn other aspects of performance arts from behind the scenes.

Taking ballet inspired me to study french, as much of the terminology is french. Through studying ballet, I expanded my dance skills through many genres of dance, afro-cuban, modern, ballet folklorico, jazz, hip hop, as well as other things like tai chi and NIA. Each and every form of dance comes from somewhere, each style drew my interest and I wanted, no, needed, to know more. To know where something originates is to better understand what you are doing physically with your body.

I learned about costumes, I even had a small part time job working for the local ballet company fixing costumes. I learned about lighting and staging and special effects and props and scenery. I learned about theater and the history of theater and how it evolved and how dance evolved with it. I learned terminology, I learned about amp, volts, and watts, to safely plug in lighting equipment. I learned how to use tools and build sets. I learned about proper flooring for theater performances and classes, which led to safety and understanding about how our bodies work. I learned about physiology and kinesiology, and anthropology. I learned about various body arts like feldenkrais and pilates.

When studying dance and anthropology, I learned about the slave trade and African history and the evolution of dance in the Carribean and South America. I studied about the Maroons of Jamaica, which connected to me in my own personal study of the history of reggae music, which also bounced back to Ethopia and Halle Selassie and Bob Marley.

I learned about music and counting and rhythm, and the beauty and conventionality of counting in 4's and 8's as well as those nice waltzing 3's. I also learned some not so conventional counting in 5's and 7's (you try it if you don't think it's hard!). I learned about experimental dance of the 60's and 70's. I learned all about the beautiful mother of modern dance Martha Graham, and realized in my studies that we have a common ancestor, which coincided with my own personal study of my own origins.

I learned about Loïe Fuller, who is also considered a founder of modern dance, who was also a personal friend of the man who built Maryhill Museum, which is an interesting museum in the middle of nowhere on a hill overlooking the Columbia River. There are some amazing sculptures on the grounds there. It led me to learn more about art nouveau and how it connects to fashion and fine arts and advertising. It also inspired me to learn more about theater lighting and effects, something that still inspires me and excites me. Loïe Fuller also inspired me to learn more about the women's suffrage movement, not that she was connected to that in any particular way, but simply that she was a woman doing her thing in that time.

Dance gave me a job that I could take my daughter to. I saw her use her body with detail and fine motor skills that awed and amazed me, and eventually sparked the idea that experts don't know my daughter anywhere as near as I do, and that school may just be wrong about lots of things (that's a whole other post about what led me to unschool). I learned how to teach dance classes and create simple choreography, which is really different from performing. I learned how to mirror movement for my students, which forced me to do everything left and right sided, switching back and forth in an instant. I learned the politics of parents and their kids taking classes.

Dance led me to meet my husband, John. It led me to everything I am today, and I actually like that person!

...And if you even clicked on half the links I just gave, and you hadn't known about them before, well, now you know just that much more about this wonderful thing called life. So, yes, dance is educational, if...
you can see everything in the whole wide world as leading you to what you need to know in life, thereby creating the unique individual that each of us are!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Art update

I'm one step closer to my etsy set up. My dad finally sent me a disk with all my art on it. It was part of my b-day present! So, I set up my paypal account and waiting for my bank approval thingy, then I will load pics and prices to my etsy shop. I'm thinking by this weekend everything will be up and runnin!

I'm hopefully optomistic about my art shop! I'm also working on 2 more pieces. One is a 9x12 and it's almost done, something was spilled on it and I'm working really hard to fix it. The other is a series of small pictures that will make up one very large piece. I'm excited about it on many levels, but it won't be finished for a long while, maybe several months.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life Is Good Conference



So both my girls like to paint their faces!

These are pictures from the Life Is Good Conference last weekend. It was so much fun!

I wrote a note to the hotel director of sales to tell him how great the hotel staff was and this is what he wrote back, and it pretty much sums up how I felt too.

"Hi Jenny,

I must say, I was so impressed with your group. I had a wonderful feeling being around families who shared such a feeling of love and togetherness. It was the highlight of my month!

I'll share your kind email (along with the lovely card that was left at the front desk). I can speak for all of us at the hotel in saying it was, indeed, our pleasure to have your family as our guests!"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Art stuff

I decided to start an Etsy shop. Nothing is on it yet. My dad has all my art work on his computer. I'm waiting for him to send me the stuff digitally. I could do it myself, but my scanner is a lot smaller than his, so it would be a lot of work putting together each picture with lame art software. So, I will just wait for the ones that are already done with a really nice scanner and a really good art editing software program.

I will probably even have him do the printing and stuff, since he has a really good printer with archival ink and all. I know, you really aren't supposed to do a middle man sort of thing, but hey, I don't care. I don't even know if prints are technically legal to do anyway, I never found anything definitive on the etsy rules about art prints. People sell them, though, I've seen them and lots of them.

Maybe I won't sell anything at all, maybe I'll sell lots. The one and only thing I have going for me, is that there isn't a single other artist that does anything close to what I do. I have a style. I didn't really realize that until I perused hours and hours at etsy and other online art communities. Technically, my dad is far superior to me. He is really really good, like the kind of good that needs to be in museums and art galleries. He has his own style too, but he can sell his stuff for hundreds and thousands. My stuff is graphically good, so art prints and cards is where its at.

I've decided that I should be using my talents. Why not? Maybe I'll do well enough to live off of my art. Isn't that any artist's dream? There is no way to do that unless you actually DO that. So, etsy is a start to DO that.

Colored pencil art is painstakingly slow work, it takes a long time to finish a 9x12 piece of art. I like detail and sharp lines and lots of shading. I sharpen my pencils a lot and go back and add layer after layer after layer. I've decided to try my hand at people. I used to do people, but at some point stopped. It is really challenging me, but it's fun too.

So, after years of denying that I am an artist, I've come back to what I've always done. My entire childhood was spent doing art and art related activities, until college, which turned me off completely. I didn't like what professors were teaching in regards to technique and theory. I didn't like classroom critiques and deadlines, I'm slow. How could I take any critiques seriously if I didn't know or respect any of the people critiquing my work? I always took my stuff back to my dad for a real critique.

When I have my stuff up in my shop, I will post here to let people know. In the meantime, there are samples of some of my stuff at the bottom right of my blog page. Some of that stuff is old, I have so much other better stuff now....

I want to inspire my kids to follow their passions. How can I do that if I don't?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moving and other thoughts

These are pictures of Portland, Oregon. It's a nice city actually. I like the trees and the huge river that runs through it. I've just come back here after being in New Mexico for almost 4 mos. What a difference there is. Large water, big trees, clouds, rain rain rain, lots of green and brown.

I love New Mexico though. It is really the colors that I love. In Portland it is very monochromatic, greens, greys, browns. In New Mexico it has the full color spectrum. I had heard from people visiting the NW from places like New Mexico that the NW feels claustrophobic and I think I finally understand. It's not the trees though, like I always thought, it's the sky. The sky hovers low overhead here in the NW and it's huge and expansive in New Mexico.

We are considering a move to New Mexico. I'm in the process of going through all my stuff and revisiting the pros and cons of living here in the NW as opposed to the SW. I think about it daily.

We need employment to move. I don't want to be in financial upheavel. The thought of moving seems huge, but exciting. We don't have a time frame, but we do have a lease that is up in May. I grew up here in the NW, I know the forests, the beaches, the rivers, the desert, the mountains. It's really a beautiful place to live. It is increasingly becoming very unaffordable. I can't even begin to touch a house to own on our income. It is in the realm of possibility in New Mexico though. It seems full of possibilities there, while it seems like dead ends here.

Chamille, like me goes back and forth, Margaux wants to move and my husband is excited about the idea of a new job, but apprehensive about such a huge change. I like change, it can be good. Nothing is forever.

The homeschool laws are easier in NM than in OR. That's something. I'm still thinking and considering all our options, meanwhile, if I stay here, I will at least be able to move around in our tiny house after I get rid of things with the idea that you can't move loads of stuff cheaply to another state.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I just read this article "Learning to Lie"

What I find fascinating is how they talk about how parents and schools teach kids to lie. Since my kids don't go to school and aren't punished for misdeeds, including lying, they just don't. There is no reason to lie. The article suggests that parents let lies go because they believe that kids will tell the truth more if they don't make a big deal out of it. I think most kids lie because they are set up by the parents or others around them to do so.

It goes on to say that teens and parents that argue are actually better off than teens and parents who don't. I just don't buy it. The idea is that teens who feel comfortable bouncing their idea off their parents in that way, are actually expressing respect. It's an interesting idea but I don't think it follows. Discussing ideas is very different than arguing ideas. I have not set up a dynamic with my kids in which the only way to get their ideas heard is through arguing with me. Sometimes things get heated, but I wouldn't call it arguing.

At the beginning of the article it suggests that kids that lie are actually showing how smart they are by circumventing rules and such to avoid punishment. Chamille really never has lied to me. She is the most trustworthy, honest, and fair person I know, and she's always been that way. She doesn't tell the truth to avoid being punished and she doesn't lie to avoid punishment. She tells it like it is because that is how she sees it and there is no advantage or disadvantage to telling the truth other than serving justice as it is. Truth is truth, no strings attatched.

Margaux is learning how to tell the truth also. It's a bit more difficult for her. I'm not sure why because their isn't any consequences to lying or telling the truth, except that I don't necessarily automatically believe anything she tells me because she isn't always honest. This last year has been tough in this regard. I really want to believe her, and she really wants me to believe her, and we've discussed this repeatedly about how, the only way that I can consistently believe her is if she consistently tells the truth. That way I don't have to guess or ask more questions. My instinct is to believe my kiddos when they tell me things, so I do. Margaux has burned me a few too many times on that front, so its really awesome to see her starting to tell the truth more frequently from the get go.

Take away the punitive parenting, and school behavior, and kids have no reason to lie and figure out pretty quickly about those "white" lies and social niceties. We've even found that you never really have to tell a white lie either, you can always find something positive and truthful. While you may not like someones new haircut, you don't have to say wether you do or not, if you actually do like the new highlights, you can say that and avoid any stickiness.

So, once again unschooling doesn't equal unparenting or permissiveness. It eliminates that dynamic of PARENT/child. It is better to work with your child as a partner to get to the best possible outcome for all involved, and through that you can have teens that don't lie and kids that don't lie, simply because there is no benifit to lying.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Small towns

You know, its weird living in a small town. Everyone knows everyone. I've been staying in a small town for a few months now and I'm considering moving here. Why this town? Well, my great great grandfather invested his life in this town and my parents and sister live on land that was owned by him and passed down from family member to family member.

I'm greatly torn however, because there are things going on in this small town that make me think twice about moving here. There is a tech university here that initially came about as a mining institute. My great great grandfather ended up in this town as a mining engineer. The university has grown and expanded to the point that they have so much control over what goes on here, that if they make a big decision, it impacts the whole town good or bad. They are currently puting together a drop zone for the US air force to practice, whatever they practice.

It is loud and disturbing. I don't like it. This is my inheritance, my family history, this land and the surrounding areas. I have a vested interest in what goes on here. I've been visiting this place for years, my own grandmother came her all the time growing up, her mother grew up here, and her mother was married to Joseph E. Smith, who was the mining engineer. That's not all he did though, he was a photographer and took amazing pictures of the area historically preserving the place that I'm considering a move to. His family was one of a handful of families that made this place grow into existence. The first Hilton Hotel was built here by the Hilton family that was here at the same time.

It's an interesting place with a long history. Before people like my ancestors came here, there were spanish missions established. There is a church here that was here way back then, it has huge thick adobe walls in the old style spanish mission churches that dot the landscape of New Mexico.

I like the fact that this town has grown up with a university, I like small college towns, they offer a lot of cultural experiences that would normally not exist in a small town. What I don't get, is how did it come about that the university has more say in what happens in this town than the people living here in co-existence? I know it provides jobs and helps the economy, but how did they become so bigger than though? Doesn't the town here also help the university grow and be a good place to go to school? It should be a partnership and it isn't.

I'm trying to remain open minded and I really do want to live here, I just don't know if I want to live near a drop zone, with a university that doesn't really care about the city in which they were planted in.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Week In Review

My friend Schuyler http://waynforth.blogspot.com/ tagged me.
The game is to talk about your past week through these 4 questions:

What did you accomplish?
Did anything not go as expected?
What was the highlight of your week?
Did anything exciting happen you did not expect?

What did I accomplish this week.....Hmmmmm....well, I finally finished doing the back side prints of some t-shirts that the local fire academy here in Socorro, NM ordered. It was really bugging me doing this job because everything seemed to go wrong with it, so much so that I stopped and they've been sitting in the garage for a while. I still have more shirts to print but the screens aren't ready yet and it's for the fire department this time and not the academy.

When I was a kid, this is how I earned money. My dad had a screen printing shop in the garage and we did that for extra money as a family. My dad always paid me well and it sure beat working at the local burger joint! It turns out that I was actually pretty good at it and I've used it as a job skill to fall back on here and there. Since the girls and I are in NM staying with my parents for a spell, I thought I'd earn my keep so to speak. Here is a picture or 2 of where we are staying...

Getting that chunk of shirts done was a big relief. Now I just have to do the rest!

Did anything not go as expected this week....
It seems that nothing is ever expected from one moment to the next. The most unexpected thing for me was that my Chamille got sick, just a cold, but she NEVER gets sick. For someone who never gets sick, being sick is a really big deal! She played a lot on her Neopets the Darkest Faerie video game. She is systematically going through the game. It was a nice way to rest for her and still be doing something!

The highlight of my week was most definitely rescuing a dog and one of her puppies. What have I done!!!???? I keep asking myself that because that is a lot to take care of! The mom was pregnant when we brought her here and ended up aborting, probably due to her horrible living conditions in which we rescued her from. She was tied up here...

This thing backs up to an alleyway. What you can't see in the picture is all the garbage. She was tied up to that trailer on a 5 ft tether without food and water and 4 puppies trying to nurse. Before I cut the line, I fed her for about a week. One of her puppies got hit by a car, one we actually captured and one we captured a few days later and took to the pound and the last one we couldn't ever catch, so it is still there and hopefully someone is feeding it because I can't keep going back there to the scene of my dognapping crime!

Here is the mom and the one puppy that we kept...

I seriously don't understand how or why people do this to animals! It makes me sick!

Although not related to my dog rescue, this is the depths that I will go to help out a pet...

Do you see those nice big prickly pear cactus paddles? Yes? Well that sweet little dog in the same picture, My Kaipo dog, on Thanksgiving day, she fell into one of those and my mom and I spent about 5 hrs pulling out stickers, some as large as 2 inches long! And that wasn't all, I spent about 5 more hrs over the next week working on getting all the little ones out. We renamed her "stickers". It's her nickname now!

And last but not least, did anything exciting happen to me that I didn't expect? Well we got snow and it's been bitterly cold here. Of course the snow didn't last but it did come on Christmas, along with my husband, so that was pretty cool! On New Year's it was so cold, niether of the girls wanted to even do sparklers. They each did a couple and they were done. Here is a picture of them that night...

You can't tell how cold it is in the picture, but it is well into the teens with a strong wind chill factor. When the sun isn't shining it is really cold here in the winter. My great great grandfather owned this land and much more of it that other people own now. It used to have a spring, but there was a water war a long time ago and my great great grandfather didn't win it. Part of that water is here now after it was diverted oh so long ago....

It still isn't on my paren't property, just adjacent to it. This land that my parents own comes with water rights which is a huge big deal here in NM. So, they could dig a well and build a nice little adobe house. My sister and her family live right here too, just a few steps away in a very long single wide trailer. I like to tell people that she lives in a trailer in the middle of the desert with her 4 kids. Mostly I like to tell people that because it makes her mad, and that's kind of fun sometimes! She homeschools, so her kids have been around to play and that's been kinda cool!

Well that's about it for now and I guess I will have to tag some folks....

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Very Busy!

We've been very busy and loads has happened since last October. Perhaps I can relate things over a few weeks. For now, though, the biggest thing, is that we are currently in New Mexico, temporarily. I will perhaps write more on the matter later.

That's about all I want to write, right now. The girls are doing okay, although Chamille isn't really thrilled with being in the middle of nowhere, so we've been making excersions to Albuquerque to satisfy her big city needs.