Welcome to my life. It's a whirlwind of kids, chaos, pets, people, family, art, and being home (most of the time; I like to get out here and there). We unschool, so the unexpected is, well, expected...

Friday, August 31, 2007

Today is the first day of our vacation! Now that school is about to start, we can go and do something fun while the campgrounds aren't crowded.

I think we are going to Crater Lake. Of course we'd like to go to New Mexico, but we just don't have enough money for that. Crater Lake should be fun. We are going to camp for a few days, however we haven't decided which campground to use. I have a pretty big list to choose from. If it were just me deciding I'd go somewhere where there most likely wouldn't be anyone else there, but the family is thinking differently than that, so I've been looking around at all the different campgrounds online. There are a lot of them! My girls both want showers and flush toilets, neither of which I really care about, but I'm looking for that.

Hopefully the weather will be nice for us. When we get back I will post some pictures of our camping trip.

Today we are going to go do stuff outdoors, not sure what, just somewhere not at home! Today is kind of the last day of summer around here, as kids go back to school next tuesday. It feels weird. I wish summer would last all year long and kids could just be free!