Welcome to my life. It's a whirlwind of kids, chaos, pets, people, family, art, and being home (most of the time; I like to get out here and there). We unschool, so the unexpected is, well, expected...

Friday, May 11, 2007


Well, Chamille has finally agreed to create a myspace for me. She is soooo good at this, and I just don't have the time for it. She is going to make it extra cool for me. Hers is so amazing. She has it set on private, but you all know our last name now that you've visited this page, so here is a link to it.

(link gone sorry...)

I will leave it up for a while, so that people may view how cool she made it. I will go in and edit it out after a bit, because I think she wants it on private, too many people want to be her friend, and a lot of them are not people that she wants as her friend, or as she says, "oh those people are just those myspace weirdos that want everyone to be their friend for some reason." She doesn't like to weed through them so she always says yes to friends requests. You'll see what I mean if you look through her friend's list.

When viewing, realize all could be true or none of it....

If you are reading this after I've edited out the page, you can make a comment and I'll send you a link to it if you are really just dying to see it.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My lovely children

It's a vague title, I know. There is just so much that has been happening that I haven't posted in a while. I would take about 5 pages to go over everything, so I thought I'd just stick to how awesome my kids are.

Chamille just got a DDR game with her leftover birthday money. Then our family got nice dance pads to play together. It's been so much fun dancing, competing, and getting excercise together. Chamille routinely kicks my butt, but that's ok, I'm getting better at it.

She also started taking her ninjitsu classes again after not going for almost a whole month. Her instructor emailed us letting us know that he finally has some girls in the class, so Chamille has agreed to give it another try, because that was her main reason for not going. There weren't many kids in class at all, and the few that came were either much older boys or much younger boys. It made it difficult to do "situational poses". It works better with others of the same size and ability.

Margaux has been very interested in numbers lately. She asks about a million questions a day about numbers. The other morning she woke up singing numbers in Spanish, then started asking about adding those numbers. That was interesting, doing math in Spanish. I don't know Spanish, beyond a few words here and there, counting to ten, etc. I don't even know how she learned the numbers in Spanish to begin with, tv? That's what I'm thinking anyway. This kid needs some language lessons. She seems to want to and have a propensity towards languages. A few months ago, she wanted to learn French, so I was telling her as much as I know. She really would do better with full immersion, but I'm not bilingual and neither is her dad.

For now, we are just living and doing, trying to find friends for Chamille, and trying to keep up with Margaux.