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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A story about mothers.. completely unedited with many parts...

This is a true story with thoughts mixed in.

If there were any way that I could persuade all parents to be kind to their kids, I would do it. I would shout it from the mountain tops and sprinkle magic dust on all parents on the day their child arrives.

When a baby is born, they are perfect and whole and beautiful. A bundle of joy! Somehow new mothers in the midst of their sleepless nights and busy days, get through and still love their little babies and change their diapers and rock them in their arms.

I'm not talking about the mothers that don't do that. There are plenty of mothers that don't, but they are the exception and the heart breaking parts of humanity, broken people trying to raise children.

Every mother tries to start out doing everything just right for their perfect baby. Every maternity check up is in anticipation for that child to come and be with you. That excitement of watching a child grow inside of you and come out and then watching and waiting for that child to grow into an adult. Every step of the way, most aware parents try to do what is right and best for that young person.

If that mother can let go of expectations of their child, of what they should do or be, it's easier to do what is right and best for that child because what is done is directly for that child, not for the mother and through that, you will be the best mother you can be. If a child cries and a mother soothes, she will be a better mother than one who shushes her child.

Mothers can and do soothe or shush their children in so many different ways. I want to always be the kind of mother who soothes.

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