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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm that mom

I'll play the impromptu blog carnival... inspired by Flo and then Ronnie

I'm that mom who...
...lets teenagers come over and climb up onto the roof of the house
...stays up later than anticipated to watch a youtube video that leads to more of them
...goes on bike rides even when I have a pile of dirty dishes in my sink
...asks for grocery requests and tries to comply
...gives either of my children my last $5 bill
...helps find ways around seemingly insurmountable obstacles
...lets my kids pick the music
...lets my kids pick the movie and/or TV show
...sets aside projects to help one of my kids with one of their projects
...makes platters of food and calls it dinner
...lets my kids leave large and messy projects and play out in the living room for extended periods of time
...will spend an hour or more salvaging a special toy that was injured
...who will give up my special saved crafty item to one of my kids who sees a vision of use for it before I do
...doesn't have any rules, but when pressed, will say my only rule is to "be kind" or "play nice", said mostly to neighbor kids who insist I have rules that I'm not sharing
...who doesn't punish my kids or ground them or make them do chores
...who is privy to really private information
...who is blessed to have kids that are happy and like to be home


Ronnie said...

Love it, Jenny. Soooo glad you joined in.

Jill Domschot aka Arabella said...

I'm the kind of mom who disciplines and makes my children do chores and is still privy to their secrets. My children would rather be home than elsewhere, too. That's the thing about home-schooling. Change the philosophy, and the children still flourish in the non-school environment. Oh, and my house is clean because everybody helps to make the family work. We are a unit working together toward a common goal--if the house is clean and food is cooked, then everybody can follow their passions--even Mom. It's a relief to me to know that my children will know what to do if I'm busy writing a book. They can feed themselves and each other and wash the laundry, and it's no big deal. Ask them. They don't care. As long as they get to follow their passions equally. In my opinion, it's home education that makes the difference, despite the philosophy. So, thumbs up to that, Jenny Penny!