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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Unschooling is: post #4

The world is a big fascinating place! I'm struck with this idea that because the world is so fascinating, my kids will find it that way too! I heard an unschooling parent say that history isn't so important, perhaps the words were taken out of context or perhaps the person meant the subject of "history" isn't so important.

Here's the thing though, it IS important. It could be my personal bent on life and others could greatly disagree with that thought. It's not necessarily important to know exact names and dates, but ideas and time frames are pretty cool to sift through. I can't imagine ever telling my kids, or even succumbing to the idea that there are things out there that aren't important or fun or interesting to know. I'd love to know everything about everything!

As my oldest gets older I'm aware of what she knows and what she doesn't know because we talk. She may not know a lot about history, but she's never had a moment where she finds it distasteful or uninteresting or even not important. Not too long ago we talked about Galileo and the Catholic church. That stuff fascinates her. Her life doesn't dwell on these things, it's peripheral to all the other things she does dwell on, but it's there like a little dot in her mind that may just connect to another little dot one day and then another and another.

Unschooling is finding the world interesting and sharing that with your children so they can absorb all that interesting stuff! It's so easy to see little kids interested in the world around them, it takes a lot of passion to help a kid carry that into adulthood. There are lots of things that can crush it, but for sure saying something isn't important to know is one way to do that. It doesn't mean we need to cram things into a child's head, it doesn't work very well anyway. It means being open to the idea that everything can be important and interesting.

Chamille has a sign on her door that she's had up for 5 or 6 yrs that says "everything in life has the potential to be funny", then a "stop" sign, then underneath the word "stop" it says "hating smart asses". I love the double entendre! I think that idea can apply to lots of things in life!

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zamozo said...

Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel is a fascinating read. http://www.amazon.com/Galileos-Daughter-Historical-Memoir-Science/dp/0140280553

I agree with your thoughts on history, for sure!

-- Chris in IA