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Thursday, February 11, 2010

wow, it's exactly a week since my last post

So here goes! Margaux didn't go to her class today. We got all the way there and she changed her mind, so we came home. She's busy doing "nothing".

Last friday, there was a chat and the general topic was doing "nothing" and what that looks like.

Since that talk I've been looking around at all the nothing we've been doing here lately, and rather than make a lengthy post, I'll make a list that barely tips the iceberg of all the nothingness.


baths, lots of them
-dolls, barbies, babies, and polly pocket and her boat that kind of floats
-foam letters that float and form a puzzle, lots of spelling and word play
-pretend kitchen
-bratz hair dye color mixing
-oils and soaps and how they mix
-making waves like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes
-watching water spiral
-body suction on empty tubs
-water reflections and shadows
-seeing what floats and what doesn't
-holding one's breath and bravely dunking whole face in water
paper stuff
-Xena the warrior princess, so much to learn in that show I don't think I could list it all
-Scooby Doo, interesting that we were just looking at pyramids in a book and that was the first episode she watched
-Bones, she's able to see those yucky dead bodies now because during Halloween, she helped me make skeletons just like them
-The number 1 Ladie's Detective Agency, which led to one of our favorite books to look at together called 1000 Families
-The Replacements
-A Plumm Summer, all kinds of cool free kids, but heart breaking bad parents too
-other various random shows and movies that I can't remember
Eating and cooking
-she has made several things this week with very little help from me
-she's also cleaned up after herself on her own initiative
Legos (although hardly considered doing nothing)
-built the whole Harry Potter set we have with my help
-made a lego person without legs in a wheelchair
-made all kinds of vehicles
-counted in sets of 2's, 3's, and 4's
-Calvin and Hobbes
-Norman Rockwell picture anthology
-1000 families
-Curious George lift and flap book

I'm going to stop there... I could go on, and that's only the stuff that I SAW when she was hanging out with me. We haven't gotten out of the house much, but there's lots of learning going on.


-score keeping
-strategy guide lookups
-serious research
-money saving
-Criminal Minds
-South Park
-Law and Order
-various horror flicks
-always hair stuff going on
-redyes and bleaching
-cutting of her own and others
Computer (what isn't done on computer?)
-being a good friend, giving good advice
-scheduling time and walking and taking the bus
-talking with and being with her boyfriend
-meeting up with her friends at their school during lunch
-finding ways to be pleasant and kind to people she dislikes
-always crafty things going on
-dealing with the lull that artists sometimes get
-looking at a few artbooks and discussing what she likes and doesn't like about various artists and why. We really analyzed Vemeer, which she DOES like, but I didn't go into detail about the religious implications of women behaving badly, because surely if a work of art is to stand the test of time it will have meaning in modern context too.

Chamille's is a bit shorter in details, but still learning happening. She's been hanging out with her dad more lately because he's been giving her rides. I get little snippets of her life when she hangs out in the kitchen with me while I do the dishes, or late at night when she feels restless.

So what does doing NOTHING look like? Give your tales of nothing... or if you have no inclination to write about such things, maybe read about the idea here.

SEE the learning in EVERYTHING!

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