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Thursday, February 04, 2010

the day before FRIDAY

Not that anything special is happening on Friday...

Margaux and I walked to her ooey gooey science class at the rec center 3 blocks away. It was her second class. It was raining and cold, but it was nice walking with Margaux. We got there late because Margaux wanted her babydoll ready to go with us. Some things are worth being late for a class!

She had fun, then we bundled up and walked home. We stopped at 7-11 which is almost half way and got some goodies and warmed our hands, because I forgot to pack gloves!

Then we came home and I made hot cocoa. Chamille heard the words hot cocoa and said "ooh I want some too" and Margaux shared her Pocky that she'd gotten at 7-11.

Earlier today, Chamille went over to Cyle's school and visited during lunch hours. I find it really amusing that she's done this more than a few times and nobody has questioned whether or not she should be there. She's not a very understated person, she really does stand out in a crowd. She even talked to the principal once!

All in all a very nice, and uneventful day, one in which my kitchen is clean, there are lots of leftovers, we all got out of the house and we can now snuggle up and watch tv and play with babies and blocks and surf the net.

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Arabella said...

Well, it's about time you put up a new post! I've been waiting, you know, so I can find out what's happening in your life. I have an allergy to the telephone, you see. We all miss you! There's a lot happening here in NM.