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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I really like Flight of the Chonchords right now and I'm watching them over and over when I get them from netflix.

Chamille is gearing up for Fright Town, and so am I.

Margaux is almost 8, and she's about to lose her first tooth.

John is focusing on his business.

I'm going to get a dummy head from the thrift store to take pictures of hats, they had styrofoam ones there last week.

Chamille is getting back into sewing and making clothing after a boyfriend diversion, even though he's still the boyfriend.

Margaux is really catching on to reading, she reads lots of things now.

John has been playing his big beautiful full sized keyboard that doesn't really belong to us, but that we are borrowing indefinitely.

I've been trying very hard to keep the kitchen clean, although I miss my friend Laura who made it easy to do the dishes while she chatted my ear off during her visit.

Chamille has been remaking stuffed animals and puppets, in her morbid way.

Margaux is online playing dressup games a lot lately.

John recently set up a Sponge Bob display in his office, mostly for Margaux's enjoyment.

All seems good with the world at our house. There is nothing huge to report. There is only life...

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