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Monday, May 11, 2009

road kill and caring


That photo was carefully and lovingly edited by my daughter!

The other day we were talking in the car about road kill, and Chamille said that she doesn't care as much about animals that have died along side the road. I asked her what she meant by that. She said that seeing road kill always caused sadness, because of the loss of life, and that sometimes it would just eat her up inside with all that sadness.

She was telling me that she's found a way to not let it bother her so deeply and was concerned that this might be a bad thing. So we talked about the inevitability of things that happen in life, that animals die, people die, sadness and bad things do happen in life. That if we let it kill us inside, then we can't be really truly useful people to help make life better for ourselves and those around us.

We talked a great deal about this. Chamille cares so deeply for all life and the suffering of others and how unnecessary it all is that humans do harm to others. I was overwhelmed with her amazing insight on how to keep herself from feeling overwhelmed by life and what it throws at us! It is such a fine balance to care so deeply for others and life, and to have that deep caring and not get crushed by it! This beautiful daughter of mine simply amazes me all the time!

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Sarah said...

I wish I'd had a sane parent like you to discuss these things when I was younger. I'm still trying to figure out how not to get overwhelmed by the sadness in life. Your daughter's lucky to have you.