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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Public transit

This is such a cool bridge, the Steel Bridge, that crosses the Willamette River! The MAX train, that the kids will be riding, is on the upper level, the regular train runs on the bottom. Both levels will lift when a large ship goes through. There is also a walk and bike path on it that connects the waterfront on the downtown westside the the waterfront on the eastside. We've done that loop together walking and exploring the piers.

Chamille is off today learning the public transit system around here. She gets to do it with friends which is totally ideal, because when I ride, I cost a heck of a lot more than they do, and I'd need to take Margaux.

She has a couple of friends that ride public transit a lot, but since we live in the suburbs, less people do around here and the busses and such run less frequently than in the city. It's ok though, there is a transit center pretty close by and I don't mind dropping her off there. It's a lot closer than most of the places I drive her to, and I can combine it with grocery shopping, which is what I did today.

Whatever happens today, it will be an adventure. Hopefully they find the right stops and such. They even get to be downtown for a bit when they go home. That should be fun for them. I just hope they don't get themselves into trouble!

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