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Saturday, April 11, 2009

New friends for Chamille

It's very exciting around here lately! Chamille has finally found friends! It's been a while, looking and hoping and wishing for some like-minded others.

We've had our house infiltrated by teenagers and it's been loads of fun, even if they eat all our food! I love my kiddos so much, and it makes me happy when they are happy. Chamille is definitely happy!

Margaux has even found friends as well, and hers are unschoolers too.

I can't even stress enough how wonderful it is to support my kids and help create a happy existence for them, so that, even when they are down, they never get too far down and can pick themselves up because they know that soon life will bring happy things their way. When those happy things come along, they get to be doubly happy and it's sooo awesome to behold!


Stephanie said...

This is so good to hear!
We are looking for friends too, I just don't know where to look.
I want to meet like minded or at least not so damn uptight about school people.

Jenny Cyphers said...

We were very persistent! All it took was one good accessible friend, and that led to more friends and friends of friends. Chamille's friends go to school, so there is still that, but we deal with it!

It helps loads if you are willing to go and do anything at the drop of the word "go"!