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Friday, April 24, 2009

morning thoughts


I woke up this morning thinking about the interconnectedness of everything! I love how everything we love and know and do is all connected and at the very core is who we truly are as a person.

What got me thinking about it this time was the way the love of Pokemon inspired so many things for Chamille. I was reading about someone else, who's children's love of Pokemon inspired so many things too, yet totally different than where Chamille took it.

I absolutely love that natural learning leads to anything and everything! It's a sweet journey of surprises and excitement!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny! I strangely came by your blog from a random google search of 'Pokemon scenery'. You see, I've been inspired and touched by the magic that the Pokemon series, movies, and story has created in a timeless world of trust, human values, friendship, and adventure.

It's from this I've recently begun searching random things on the internet that further pursue my growing love and inspiration I draw from the series. The picture you posted just happened to catch the eye of the google search engine, and when I came here and viewed your blog entry you posted it with, I was touched by the short piece you wrote.

I'm a young adult, and having these feelings about...well what seems to be a fictional show always made me a bit nervous. After reading your entry, I was further inspired and given confidence that my love for Pokemon may not be weird at all.

Thanks so much for posting this. It really has touched me and given me that much more inspiration for things I enjoy and want to learn more about.

Cheers from your a touched stranger,


Jenny Cyphers said...

What a very sweet comment! If you ever drop by here again, I'm collecting Pokemon stories, if you'd like to tell yours. You could tell it anonymously if you'd like. I'm not doing anything with them yet, just collecting them.

Adults are strange about dismissing childhood passions such as Pokemon. It doesn't surprise me in the least that a young adult like yourself would feel strange about liking something like Pokemon. Some of the worst parental dismissals of childhood passions that I've witnessed have been about Pokemon.

Yet, Pokemon was created by adults, clearly very creative and inspired adults. My daughter, who I referenced in my blog, is 15 and still loves Pokemon, not as much as she did when she was little, but it's a huge part of who she is and who she's becoming. I can't even imagine how different she would be if I'd chosen to ignore this part of her!

I'm happy to hear that you've chosen to embrace your love of Pokemon! You are not alone!