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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More on Halloween stuff

Just thought I'd share this because I got an email from the folks at Frighttown with a link to the Willamette Week Online edition. I clicked and was pleasantly surprised to see Chamille's face, the very first picture!


It's a proud mom moment!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny! I get on your blog from time to time, but haven't for a while because you weren't updating it. I know; I know. I was supposed to call you back the other day. I went home exhausted from our friends' house, though, and took a nap instead. Everybody here has been sick this week. Thankfully, we weren't as sick as you and Chamille, however. It reminds me of doing the haunted caves in high school. I dressed up like a ghoulish clown with a leering, black-painted grin. It was loads of fun scaring people instead of being scared. Jill