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Monday, June 30, 2008

What my kids are into right now

Margaux has been taking ice skating lessons. She really likes going ice skating. We all like it. We go every friday night when they play music during the public skate session, they call it rock and skate, but it's not really rock music it's more pop/country and pop/wanna be hiphop. Chamille takes her mp3 player because the music isn't so hot. Still it's loads of fun. Marguax made a friend named Qyian, which is pronounced like queen. That is fun in and of itself, that Margaux made friends with a kid of that name!

Here's a cute picture of Margaux. I was going to put a picture of her ice skating, but Chamille has yet again dumped the pictures off the camera onto her computer before I could get them onto mine... darn it Chamille! She's too quick for me, and sort of a camera hog to boot!


Chamille is very into makeup. We are looking to make a makeup table with the works. I need to source out theatrical makeup supplies. She really likes the dramatic effects that she can get with makeup. Fortunately she takes really awesome pictures of it and puts it on photobucket and her myspace where I can retrieve them. When we go ice skating, she does her makeup, and we've noticed that people either love it or hate it, there is no inbetween.

There are two little girls that go ice skating every friday night, one is in Margaux's class. They absolutely adore Chamille. Whenever Chamille gets off the ice to sit out for a minute, they show up to sit next to her. I'm sure those girls must have an awesome sense of reality, because a lot of kids are terrified of Chamille's makeup, where these girls love it and her.

This is the idea of what she wants for her makeup table...


The other day Chamille was kicked out of the mall because of her makeup. It's enough to make a mother proud ;)

This is sort of how she had her makeup that day. I guess they didn't like the fake blood. They called it a mask and said that masks weren't allowed because they could cause a disturbance! Oh well, so much for making sense of the world... Frankly I find the Victoria's Secret large scale window displays more disturbing than fake blood. We didn't really like that mall anyway, it's become a bit too hoity toity for our tastes, the mall we go skating at is far superior in many many ways, so we shall go there instead!


Frank said...

Wow! Tell Chamille I'm impressed. I was not allowed into Disneyland once in the 60s cuz of my long hair but being kicked out of a MALL... that's cool!

Ronnie said...

"The other day Chamille was kicked out of the mall because of her makeup."


How perfectly ridiculous. I'm glad you have other options!

Kelly said...

I think she looks awesome! My Lizzy would totally get kicked out of the mall with her any day.