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Monday, June 09, 2008

Normal people

What makes some people normal and not others? Watching Chamille I've been struck with the idea that some folks really strive for normalcy, which Chamille does not. I'm not even sure what normal is, but it sure sounds boring!

I guess I've accepted normal to an extent in my own life. I wonder when that happened? Then I got to thinking that an artist can never ever be truly normal, they can only ever hope to appear normal to the "normals" in life.

The definition of normal seems to be one following the average or what the majority deems acceptable. Deviating from normal generally gets a reaction from those that are trying to be and/or accepting normal.

Chamille isn't a normal teen in many ways. She's never been to school or had a curriculum, she's kind and considerate, she dresses "different", and she's an artist. I love that she feels totally free to be who she is without having to change that to conform.

I love all those non conforming teens that I got to meet at the Life Is Good Conference. Something that really struck Chamille was that, while she still has that shock value to her look, people still talked to her like she was a real person. It was very life affirming for her.

So, for all those that live in their own reality, I won't judge you! I think all those cool unschooled folks won't either. And like this teen says, Normal Is So Last Week.

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Frank said...

"Normal" people are just boring. Gimme a group of weirdos any time!