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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life Is Good Conference



So both my girls like to paint their faces!

These are pictures from the Life Is Good Conference last weekend. It was so much fun!

I wrote a note to the hotel director of sales to tell him how great the hotel staff was and this is what he wrote back, and it pretty much sums up how I felt too.

"Hi Jenny,

I must say, I was so impressed with your group. I had a wonderful feeling being around families who shared such a feeling of love and togetherness. It was the highlight of my month!

I'll share your kind email (along with the lovely card that was left at the front desk). I can speak for all of us at the hotel in saying it was, indeed, our pleasure to have your family as our guests!"


Stephanie said...

Oh how cool is that!

Glad you went and had a great time :)

Zenmomma said...

That reply is wonderful. Maybe you could share it with the Yahoo list?

Frank said...

It was a great conference.

It was nice of you to write a note to the hotel and their response is wonderful.

Love your photos.