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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh yeah, well I'll just go Harry Potter on your a**, OR, the Letter Brigade

Remember those owl posts coming for Harry Potter, the first time, when Hogwarts was trying to invite him to school? Boy, that Uncle Vernon was in a bad way with all those letters.

Chamille and I would love to replicate that in real life. I would be pretty costly in the form of stamps. Chamille sent a letter to her best friend, which included a self adressed stamped envelope for returning a letter. This is in response to not being able to have any form of contact with her friend. Well, she's not allowed to call, or email, or visit. Her dad didn't say, no mail regular post, so there you go.

The first test letter was sent with no reply. We know, but the dad doesn't know we know, that he took the letter and wouldn't allow E. to read it. WOW! I was really hoping that she would be able to read a letter, that somehow it would prove to me that he had one ounce of decency in him. It's not as if the reality has shattered an image, I'm just always the optimist, hoping for the best!

Ok, so she couldn't read the letter, but that doesn't mean we can't send them and lots of them! It's interesting, because not that long ago Chamille and I were talking about handwriting skills. She feels that hers isn't all that great, however, I think it's fine and perfectly functional. I told her not to worry too much, because most writing done these days is typing, not by hand. Even I don't hand write much. I listed off the things that I've hand written, paying bills with checks, adding bills on paper, writing grocery lists, phone numbers, addresses, quick notes to myself, and writing addresses on envelopes. Now here we are writing letters and addresses on envelopes.

So, E. won't get to read them, but at least she will know that there is someone out there that really cares about her and her happiness. Chamille also decided to add funny little comments on the letters, like, "you can do it E., get those grades up." and "keep your chin up" and little positive things like that. We know the dad is going to open and read them, so we thought that might be kind of funny, with the added bonus that E. might accidentally see it and have a quick moment to smile. Here's for hoping!

So, now we just need to buy a bunch more stamps, as we are almost out already. Perhaps postcards would be cheaper! I'm going to look into that today. E. should be getting 2 letters in the mail today, and 2 tomorrow, and the next day will have quite a bit more, hee hee hee!


Kat said...

Hopefully the dad will read them & gain a better understanding & appreciation for who Chamille is. Since he seems to fear her for some reason, (people always tend to fear what they dont understand)letters may be a great unthreatning means of this, if he reads them. On the other hand, if this guy is as big a jerkwad as you describe, he will probably throw them away after the first one or two, or worse yet, charge you with harrassment. Apparantly he isnt aware that he WILL lose in the end. She will hate him for this, if not already, later in life & she will eventually buck his authority on things that REALLY ARE important. Parents like that just SUCK!
(I am TRYING to start a blog, thats why Im highlighted now!!)

Jenny Cyphers said...

He's already lost his kids. Both his daughters hate him and outright admit it. It's really sad. Your right though, everything important that he may have to say will get lost in the world of "I'm not listening to you anymore".

He will reap what he sows I guess. That is why I try to sow good things and happiness and positive interactions with my kids. I can honestly say that they do not hate me, and actually LIKE to be around me. That is the reward in and of itself!

Schuyler said...

It must make a huge difference to know that there is someone in her corner. Even if she can't actually acknowledge the presence. It is a good thing. And it is done with humor. Very cool.