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Monday, October 22, 2007

Banned Books


Do people really ban books?

That's what Chamille asked the last time we were at the library. Upstairs in the teen room there was a display of books that had been challenged at various libraries in Oregon.

Of course this proves my theory that everything forbidden is immediately more alluring than need be. Chamille was VERY interested in checking this out, this idea that there are books out there that have ideas and information that some adults don't want their kids getting access to.

She thoroughly looked through the books on the shelves and decided she'd like to try one. Chamille read her very first full length chapter book. I read it to. It was pretty good. Now she wants to find more books like it.

Chamille never did finish reading the last Harry Potter book. I'm anxious to discuss it with her, but I'm waiting patiently until she reads it or we get the cd from the library to listen to.

I'm in the middle of reading Stargirl to Chamille and she loves it. It's such a wonderful book with cool ideas and thoughts and visual images. I just found out that there is a sequel, so now I've got to make another trip to the library to get it and perhaps some other books.

A while back, I was considering subscribing to a mail order movie rental like netflix or cafedvd, but I've decided to utilize the library for a bit to see what we can find there. We've watched some really cool movies lately. You can learn sooooo much from watching movies.

I think the next set of movies are going to be 1960's related. Chamille has had a sudden interest in that time period. We've recently watched movies that relate to the earlier part of that century, ones that talk about WWI and the depression and other aspects of US and world history, including fashion and hair styles. So, now we are going to fast forward a bit and skip over that nasty WWII, actually we've been there/done that kind of, and onward to The Beatles and John Lennon and other 60's related stuff, that I'm sure will include fashion and hair styles.

The next trip to the library will include some 60's movies, sequels, and some more banned books.

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