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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here are some pictures from our mini vacation. We ended up going to the beach instead of Crater Lake. The beach was nice and it didn't rain the whole time we were there! We stayed at a campground near Lincoln City OR, but we went to several beaches, including Cannon Beach where we got up early and looked at the tide pools at the hay stack rock.

I love the picture of Margaux with the blue kittie angel shirt! She looks like an anime character. All in all our trip was fun. We spent 2 nights and 3 days at a campground, then came home checked on the cats and went back to the beach to visit a friend, where we stayed the night in his beach house.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, The girls look great! Was it cold? It looks cold. I love Margaux's hair. Missing you gals!

Jenny Cyphers said...

Well, in some of the pictures we weren't wearing jackets, so on those days it was actually warm, and then it was colder, but not as cold as it often is. Sometimes the wind chill factor makes it really cold, especially if it is combined with rain, so the whole time was actually quite comfortable given that it's the Oregon coast!

I miss you too Laura!!!!

SwissArmyWife said...

That day looks like fun!

Thanks for the comment. We are mostly dairy free, except on birthdays. LOL

I used to link to your blog. I don't know where it went?