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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hagg Lake

What a muddy lake! Well it's not really like that except when there are dogs tearing through the shore line and drudging up the sludge. About two months ago all that area was under water, and the shore line went right to the edge of the picnic area. You can see it in the picture with Kaipo running where there is a sort of bluff behind her, that's where the water went up to, and then right where Margaux's pink flipflops is almost where the water is.

So all that recently dried out lake bottom makes for some great mud! I think I need to get all of us aqua socks. This is only the second time I've taken the kids to Hagg Lake. I went there when I was a kid and remember seeing fishing hooks in the shore line because it really is a fishing lake. It's a manmade lake that was made by damming a natural wetland area that flooded all the farms right below the lake. Every thursday fish is dumped in the lake and people are out there fishing in their boats. It looks really small where we are because it's a small inlet, but I like that spot because there isn't a boat ramp there, so it's not as crowded and it's easier to swim and play in the water, and people take their dogs and let them off leash to play.

Marguax made some doggy friends which didn't want her to leave because she kept throwing the toy out for them to swim and catch it, water fetch! Chamille took her laptop to make some discs, for her friend, of music that she had ripped. Her friend is moving and so we are trying to cram some time in before they are gone. While Marguax and I were playing in the muddy water, they were all enjoying some fine tunes.
We are going to go back to the lake and bring some rafts to float on, or maybe I'll dredge up that big blow up shark we have out in the garage somewhere!


Kat said...

I have never heard of Hagg Lake. Where is it?

Jenny Cyphers said...

Hagg Lake is near Forest Grove off of hwy 47. It's a pretty area and lots of boat launch areas and lots of picnic areas. It is $5 for a day of lake side fun!