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Monday, June 18, 2007

Tall Ships

This was so much fun! We got to sail on replicas of merchant ships from the late 18th century. Chamille wants to be a sailor now, but not just any sailor, she wants to sail on one of these kind of ships. She could if she's still interested in a couple of years. They have full time crews on both of their ships. The smaller one, the one we went on has a full time crew of 14. The larger one has more. It was also in the Pirates of the Carribbean.
Chamille obvioulsy is the big kid all in black and Margaux is the one in the pink hat. The kids had to do all the work themselves, pulling lines, tying them off and all of that. They learned so much about merchant ships and the life of sailors.
What a cool experience for them. The ships were in the harbor on the Willamette River during the Rose Festival this year. They had dock side tours, but we got to actually sail on one. It was a 3 hour tour, but we didn't get marooned on an island. We found out about these through homeschool connections. It never ceases to amaze me how homeschoolers just find these things. We ended up going with our homeschooling Girl Scout troop. It was worth every penny we paid, $35 each person!
I'd love to do it again. I looked all over the internet to find somewhere that Chamille could take sailing lessons on ships like these, but the only place in the world that I could find something like that was in the UK and Australia, maybe the east coast, but nothing definitive there. I'm putting it on my list of super cool things to do if I magically get a lot of money.

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Kat said...

Get her involved in Sea Scouts!!
There are local chapters in the Portland Vancouver area.
Check these links out:

This program would be right up her alley!! It is an extension of Boy Scouts.