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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Naruto the Movie

Well, this is a little after the fact, but here it is, pictures from the Naruto movie that we got to see. I bought tickets in advance because I knew they'd sell out. Not only did they sell out, they had so much response they had to open another theater, and it sold out too! We got there 2 hours early and were one of the first people in line.

I wish I had a picture of the crowd, but it disappeared from my camera. You can see the end of the building in the pictures above. The line went well past that point and around the corner. We got to pick our seats! We had quite a time getting there that early, picking up people from the other side of town and then picking up one kid from school, then driving about 45 minutes away during rush hour traffic to get to the theater, but it was so much fun and so worth it!

There were people dressed up as some of the characters. Well, Margaux was trying to look like Sakura, and even had the navy blue sandles on, but you can't really tell in the pictures. Chamille was dressed in her interpretation of a girl Sasuke. There was a really cool looking Gaara, but we didn't get a picture of her.

Well, this is where it all comes from...

Chamille's inspiration in life, the reason she dresses the way that she does, and why she reads and watches what she does. It is all encompassing in her life, and so therefore "our" life. Anime, manga, and specifically Naruto right now.

The movie was really good. I've watched a few shows here and there, played a few rounds of games on the PS2, but this was really the first time I've really watched a whole movie. This is the first showing of a Naruto movie in the US without subtitles and it was very very cool!

Everything Chamille does on the computer are somehow related to Naruto, sometimes other anime, but mostly Naruto. Her AMV slideshows on youtube are about Naruto, and one in particular gets some nice views and ratings, and loads of comments.

I love everything this has brought to our lives, it's really lots of fun sharing in her joy!

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Linda said...

The last time I remember a line around the block for a movie was Star Wars! My kids like Naruto a lot, we'll have to see this. The one I'm excited about is Avatar, it's a personal favorite and M. Night Shyamalan is writing the screenplay!