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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

OMSI and other things

It's really funny how life works sometimes. I have so been wanting to go to OMSI lately. We've always had a membership there but we haven't had one for about a year, partially because we just seem to be broke all the time and partially because they raised the prices, and partially because we went there so much that Chamille was starting to get tired of it.

We met a nice family and went to OMSI. They were able to get us in with their membership. Now I really want one. I'm going to have to save up $$$ here and there to just do it. I'm confident that somehow it will all work out. It just always seems to.

Chamille is going to start taking the adult Bujinkan class because the kids class just doesn't have enough kids in it. Right now there are actually more kids in the adult class then there are in the kids class. It could be the time the class is. The kids class is at 6 and the adult class is at 7. Really, 7 works so much better for us too. We can kind of skip the major rush hour to get there and eat dinner before we go instead of afterwards which ends up being around 9 by the time we get home and I've made it. That's just so late to eat, mostly because I don't feel like doing the dishes afterwards. Usually by 10 or so, I'm done for the night.

Last night was a bit hard for Chamille. She really didn't want to go to class. I really didn't want to make her. She waited until the last minute to tell me that she didn't want to go, though. The problem is that if she misses without advance notice the sensei could be showing up for nothing because sometimes Chamille and his son are the only ones there. I just didn't feel right about doing that. She skipped last week and I felt bad about it then, so I insisted that she go and we talk to him and work things out because she REALLY does want to take the class, just not by herself, when for her, being with other people is crucial to making things appeal to her, even things she loves like Bujinkan. It turned out to be exactly what we needed. We had time to talk and discuss the logistics of the classes, where Chamille is at in her skill level, and how it will all work out. He's such a fabulous instructor. He is open and receptive to his students in so many ways. It is just his style of teaching.

Through watching the class that Chamille takes, Margaux has figured out how to do cartwheels and handstands. It's pretty cool! I wish I could take the class, but I hesitate to jump in because I really want Chamille to feel like this is HER activity, not something that she does with her mom like pretty much everything else in her life. Perhaps Margaux could take the kid class and Chamille could take the adult class. That would be interesting. Margaux is really more into dance right now, but the stuff they do in Bujinkan uses so much of the same skills that you would use in dance or even gymnastics.

Here are some pictures of our trip to OMSI...

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