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Friday, January 26, 2007

Family time

Here is our family spending time together. For a long time I thought spending time together as a family was sitting around a dinner table eating. It's a fun way to spend time together, and certainly the media sure tries to push that message upon us. However, it's not the only way to spend time together. In our family it certainly isn't even the ideal way to spend time together. We do generally eat together, but usually not all of us at the kitchen table. I love my kitchen table, so I probably eat there more than anyone else. Our meal preperation is so odd sometimes that often someone is eating at the table while food for another person is being prepared. Generally though, we eat at the desk or at the coffee table, or a combination of those. Eating together as family time is overrated in my opinion.

Our house is really small. The office and the living room are really all in the same room. The couch is new to us after not having one for a couple of years. Ever since we brought it home, Chamille spends all her time on the computer in the living room with us instead of by herself in her bedroom. She has a cozy spot on the couch all set up with her stuff surrounding her. Even the dog likes it (as you can see in the picture of Chamille on the couch)!

The rest of us prefer a more traditional desk style. Margaux is sitting at my computer, but she has another one to use if we all want to do something on the computer at the same time, like a really cool RPG. It is nice to find stuff and share it with each other. We are all sharing music finds and videos to watch that we think each of us might like. Chamille has built a really cool Myspace and we like to check it out and watch her videos. It's really cool to see what she's done with that blank computer canvas. John is recording and remixing music that his band has made.

We have IM set up on the computers so that we can easily copy and paste cool stuff to each other. Although these pictures portray a typical evening, our evenings don't always look like this. Sometimes we actually do other things...

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